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We are a FAMILY of talent casting pros!

In the mid 80's our founder, Judy Welker, was working as an agent for a local talent booking agency. She had a reputation with folks on the "other side of the camera" for having a real eye for talent and a knack for assembling the right actors or models for their projects. With a rapidly growing commercial marketing industry, some of the busiest producers at the time approached her about starting a casting company. Indy was a growing market and no one was offering all inclusive casting services.  They wanted a one stop talent shop and she gave it to them!

In the years to follow, the business grew. After a few years, Judy's husband, Skip Welker and daughter, Michelle Moore joined the company. Together we have been providing producers, directors and photographers with top notch, comprehensive talent casting services for over 30 years! 

We are a family of actors, both on camera and on stage, so we know how to coax great performances from talent in our casting sessions. We have developed working relationships with every established booking agency in the tri-state area AND we also keep a massive database of freelance actors and models that you'll not find anywhere else in the region. If you need it, chances are, we know where to get it. And if not, we'll find it! 

Here's a shot of the three of us (Skip and Judy are centered, Michelle is just above Judy's head, dark hair & glasses) and the rest of the Welker family.


Did we mention Michelle has SIX brothers!?!

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