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Everyone has to start somewhere...


We want you to start but we also want you to BE CAREFUL! It's hard to know how to break into the commercial acting business. It's easy to waste time and money on unnecessary services. And, unfortunately, there is an entire industry of folks who get rich preying on people who are hoping to break into the business. At Artistic Enterprises we strongly believe that it is essential for the health of our business to keep talent well informed and protected from the grips of unscrupulous scammers. We need a strong and vibrant talent community in order to bring our clients the best options. That means we are dedicated to helping hopeful actors, models and voice over performers to understand the business and their own potential so that each person can make the best decisions in furthing their goals.

We can help!

New Talent Services

Professional Talent Consulting Services

If you are just getting started in the commercial acting arena OR if you have been at it for a while but just not finding the inroads you expected or landing the jobs you thought you should, you may want to meet one-on-one with one of our casting directors.


We'll help you understand the industry from the only perspective that really matters, YOURS! Honest feedback and constructive advice from our pros will save you time, energy and money as you navigate your way into this unique and exciting industry. 

Our talent consultations are designed to help new folks, or those who have yet to achieve the success they've expected, to get a leg up. There are so many wrong turns people can make. Our experts will help you avoid the miny pitfalls laid before you by con-artists,  restrictive contracts, unnecessary photography and other expensive and ineffective  pursuits on your way to achieving your goals as an actor model or voice over performer. 

One time only fee of $60 for adults (16+), $50 for kids, $40 for babies/toddlers


Have questions? We have answers!

Trying to navigate the commercial acting and modeling industry can be really confusing, especially in a smaller market like ours. 

Whatever your talent related questions might be, we'll do our best to answer them! Please use the Submit a Question button below. If we can't anwer your question(s), we'll find someone who can! 

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