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Our team of professional casting directors have spent more than 30 years developing the fastest, smartest, and most productive talent casting processes you’ll find anywhere in the Midwest. Whether you need actors, models, on-camera presenters, "real people" or a stadium full of extras, you’ll find our talent experts consistantly provide the most complete and cost effective casting services. We have the capacity and facilty to handle castings of any size and almost any budget. You tell us what you hope to accomplish for your customer's project and we'll help you know how to get it done!

Your time is valuable and finding the right actors or models for your production is time consuming. We have the experience, resources and know-how needed to streamline the selections process and bring you the very best talent options that your budget allows. Utilizing every source available, including all regional booking agencies and our own extensive pool of freelance talent, we can ensure that your clients will love the faces you put before them.  

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find the talent you need.

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